Monday, June 13, 2011

And now I introduce to you . . . .

I have just gotten to know up and coming author, Scott Niven, over the last few weeks. See, I found him on an ad on my Facebook page. (Which by the way, obviously a very good move). I have gotten to know him somewhat through his work and decided to reach out to him to get to know this author better. In him, I have found a unique voice in speculative fiction. This guy has reminded me, in the little time that I have known him, that as a writer, we can write anything. We are not bound by this genre or that and should have the courage and tenacity to write what is in our hearts at any given time. Just with this renewed thought process, my brain has been generating story ideas that, frankly I have not heard or read anywhere else, and I must thank him for that. One moment in my mind,  I am building a fantasy universe (from scratch, literally), where sibling gods are sorting out how to build their planet; the next I am riding shotgun on a school bus screaming through a Zombie apocalypse, and the next I am building a better vampire than I have ever seen on the silver screen or read in any book.  My options are truly limitless. I just wanted to thank Scott for reminding me how creative I can truly be and for being a better writer for it.

For a taste of what Scott Niven is throwin' around, please visit him at his Author Page and click 'Like" for a free tale of  Speculative Fiction.  I promise, you won't be disappointed. Discover Scott Niven.


  1. Matt, thank you so much for this post. It really made my morning to read it. I'm glad we've connected, especially since we're both from NC. It'll be fun to see two new authors from NC on the bestseller lists one day soon!


  2. I am just ecstatic that I am finally following my dream. I never thought that the process would be taking me to these kinds of places, albeit, electronically, but places I am fond of nonetheless. And we are really just getting started. And I agree, its going to be much fun to be had by us two North Carolinians. Not enough of us up there on the best sellers list.

  3. Wonderful! That's inspirational!

  4. DeCePtIoN... DeCePtIoN... DeCePtIoN... AlL ThAt We SeE Or SeEm Is BuT a DrEaM WiThIn a DrEaM. NeRvOuS?